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FIRST CHOICE SPORTSWEAR, founded in 1991 by Steve Smith, is a major player in the imprinted sportswear market.

We are a full-service operation supplying imprinted sportswear, custom made clothing, and other promotional products to many companies, universities, schools, athletic teams, clubs and organizations.

It has grown in the past years, mainly because we have good
service…real good service.

Our success & rapid growth is a result of strong management, commitment to personal service and competitive pricing.

It is these high standards, along with our ever-evolving new
ideas, fresh trends and top designs that make FIRST CHOICE
SPORTSWEAR a true leader in the market.

As a company, which is extensively involved with companies,
universities, schools, clubs and teams, we understand the
confusion and problems which can arise when making the
choice for imprinted sportswear and product.

We take pride in offering distinctive, top quality sportswear at very competitive prices. We purchase only top quality sportswear from companies such as Russell Athletics, Gildan,
Hanes, Ash City, Stormtech, Adidas-Saxon Athletics and
many others.


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